Avoid Window Condensation with Double Glazing in Christchurch

If you notice condensation on the inside of your home’s windows after cold nights, you aren’t alone. Window condensation is not an uncommon issue in New Zealand—or in many parts of the world, for that matter. However, that doesn’t mean window condensation isn’t a problem, or that you shouldn’t look for ways to resolve or avoid it. On the contrary, with the help of MagicSeal and our double glazing services in Christchurch, you may never have to deal with window condensation again.

Condensation on your windows is the result of humidity in your home trying to escape to the colder, drier air outside. In other words, your windows aren’t leaking. However, windows with excess condensation can still be a problem. At best, fogged up windows can make it difficult to enjoy outside views. At worst, excess water from condensation can drip down and cause damage to your home’s window frames, wall paper, drywall or wood floors. In severe cases, warped window frames from condensation problems can make windows difficult to close or lock.

Investing in retrofitted double glazing in Christchurch will usually avoid these issues. Double glazing is the process of replacing your home’s single-pane windows with double-pane windows. Doubled glazed windows have two layers, plus a layer of inert gas between them. These windows better insulate your home from the outside world, eliminating humidity equilibrium issues and preventing moisture from forming on the glass.

Some fog on your windows isn’t necessarily a huge problem. However, keep in mind that condensation is water, and that water can do damage to many components of your home. If you are interested in learning more about double glazing in Christchurch, call MagicSeal on +64 3 358 9237 today.

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