Quality Double Glazing windows and Insect Screens in Blenheim and Marlborough

When you want to get the most out of your windows, you want to contact MagicSeal. Using our innovative products will help you keep your home warmer and save on energy costs when it’s cold. Our retrofit double glazing in Blenheim gives you a cost-effective way to help keep your energy costs down and noise out. It’s an ideal solution particularly if you live in a noisy neighbourhood in an urban setting. It also reduces condensation and filters out harmful UV rays.

Try double glazing in Marlborough

One good reason to use our double-glazing system is that acrylic is five times better at preventing the transfer of heat than glass. This fact of physics means in the summertime it keeps the heat outside. In the winter, it keeps it warm inside. While glass has a thermal conductivity rating of 1.05, acrylic comes in at a much lower .02, and the lower the score, the better the insulation performance.

Don’t forget about the cost savings. Most people are aware that the regular single-glazed window found in most homes is inefficient at best. It can be quite costly, however, to build a second layer into an existing window. Our system allows for quick installation and removal, and here’s a bonus, it’s easy to clean. Acrylic is also much tougher than glass – about ten times stronger. That means during an earthquake or storm, for instance, it won’t shatter which offers an extra layer of protection against flying glass. When you try our double glazing in Marlborough, this retrofit of existing windows is both cost-effective and smart.

Keep the bugs out

On the other hand, when it’s warm, windows provide an easy solution to get lots of fresh air in your home. It’s those times that our magnetic insect screens in Blenheim are a life saver. These screens are among the very best protection against bugs you can find. They attach to a special magnetic strip placed along the frame of your window. When you want to reach the window catch, you simply pull on the corner of the screen, and it pulls back allowing access. When you’re finished, it just snaps back into place. It’s also a cost-effective way to install insect screens that keep the bugs out and still allows the fresh air into your home.

One of the best things about our magnetic insect screens is that they attach to your existing infrastructure, be it a window or door. They’re also quite attractive as they come in nine different colours so you can pick one that matches the interior of any room. Using magnets to hold the screens in place means that there are no gaps for bugs to sneak in and they are easy to remove and clean when necessary. Worried about windy days? No need, as they also feature a unique clipping system that prevents them from being blown in. There’s also no need to worry about the shape of your window as the screens come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

When you’re looking for a cost-effective way to get more use out of your windows and create a better more comfortable lifestyle try MagicSeal.

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