Why Should You Purchase Retrofit Double Window Glazing for Your Home in Dunedin?

Think a single pane of glass is enough of a shield between the inside of your house and the world outside? You might want to think again. Heat travels easily through single pane windows, and so does noise. UV light doesn’t have much trouble making its way through a thin layer of glass, either—and how strong can you expect your windows to be in the event of an earthquake or other emergency? It might be time to consider augmenting your windows with stronger materials.

How Retrofit Double Glazing Helps Dunedin Building Owners

Want to make sure your single pane of glass doesn’t become a singular pain in the you-know-where? Consider retrofit double glazing for your Dunedin home or commercial facility. Double glazing in Dunedin is an easy way to make your windows sturdier and more energy-efficient, which results in peace of mind and significant long-term cost savings.

High-quality double glazing solutions such as the ones we offer through MagicSeal involve adding an extra acrylic layer to your windows with a small space between them and your original panes. The extra layer ensures you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • More safety for your home in the event of a natural disaster. Glass breaks easily; acrylic can be up to 10 times stronger. As such, it offers much more substantial protection from inclement weather such as hail, seismic events such as earthquakes, and general damage from accidents, vandals, and other hazards.
  • Better energy efficiency for your home year round. You want to keep heat inside your home when you’re running the heater and prevent it from leaking in through the windows when you have the air conditioner turned on. Double glazing can help you achieve both goals by lowering the amount of heat that can pass through your glass.
  • Superior noise control. Want to make sure you won’t enrage the neighbours by jamming on your guitar, or just trying to find some peace and quiet away from the noisy street outside your home? The acrylic we use in our double glazing is considerably better than glass at muffling noise, which means you’ll enjoy more privacy when you use it to protect your windows.

Let MagicSeal Provide the Solution You Need

Our company is one of the best-known businesses of our kind in the region because we make high-quality products from top-end materials. All our plastics are manufactured locally to ensure strict quality control, and we are able to fit our solutions to practically any type of window for maximum user-friendliness.

If you are ready to enjoy window glazing in your Dunedin home or business, learn more about the nature of our work and the products we offer today. Contact MagicSeal directly at your first available opportunity and ask to speak with someone who can tell you more so you can choose wisely when selecting window glazing solutions. We look forward to helping you enjoy a safer, more serene, and more energy-efficient home.

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