MagicSeal Double Glazing in Nelson

No one enjoys sitting in their living room with blankets piled on them because their home is too cold. Maintaining an optimal temperature in one’s home makes spending time there more enjoyable. Loss of heat can happen quickly. In a fully insulated home, up to 50% of the heat lost is through the windows. MagicSeal double glazing is the answer.

This double glazing gives Nelson residents safeguard for their living environment without the inconvenience of traditional double glazing. It uses acrylic which is fitted inside the existing window. The acrylic is held in place with MagicSeal’s exclusive magnetic sealing system. It works by trapping air between the glazing and the window which acts as a layer of insulation. This insulation protects against heat loss, noise, and UV rays. It helps reduce draughts and condensation keeping one’s home dryer.

It also gives people the practical benefit of added protection against Shattering. This acrylic is 11 times stronger than glass and is made of high quality, optical grade clear acrylic. When this glazing is added to someone’s window, it helps protect the window against shattering in an earthquake. All these added benefits will increase the value of your home.

The double glazing in Nelson comes backed by a company with more than 25 years of experience. MagicSeal is a worldwide, innovative company. All the magnetic materials are sourced from North America, and all plastic materials are manufactured locally in New Zealand. Choosing MagicSeals’ double glazing for your Nelson area home will increase value while saving you money.

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