Double Glazing and Insect Screen Specialists

MagicSeal has 30 years experience and is the leading provider of  magnetic insect screening and secondary double glazing solutions for windows and doors.



MagicSeal’s retrofit double glazing improves your properties thermal insulation efficiency and keeps you warm.  They significantly reduce condensation for a warmer, drier home and decrease environmental noise by 55%. Also, they reduce UV radiation fading up to 90% on your carpets, curtains and furnishings. We custom fit all windows and can colour coordinate to match existing joinery. Installing MagicSeal will increase the value to your home. We service homes in need of double glazing in Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington and throughout New Zealand. Click here to find an agent in your area.



MagicSeal’s Magnetic Insect Screens are custom-made. They form a complete seal around your window using magnetic strips and are easy to open and close. Only the highest quality materials are used for these innovative Magnetic Insect screens and can be colour matched to compliment any interior including domestic homes, restaurants, high-rise buildings, hospitals, boats and caravans. These environmentally friendly screens are an extremely affordable option as they attach to existing infrastructure.


MagicSeal’s Pleated doors are custom-made to fit door openings to keep out all the pesky mosquito and sandflies. These insect screen doors are retractable, and can fit any door up to 4m wide and 2.4m high. They can be fixed to hinged doors; sliding doors, Bi-fold and French doors. They are available in all Dulux powder coat colours and can be matched to suit any interior.

Double Glazing

MagicSeal’s Secondary Double Glazing system improves your property’s thermal efficiency by reducing your energy costs. The major benefits are reducing condensation; increased warmth and noise reduction. MagicSeal is a cost competitive solution.

Magnetic Insect Screens

MagicSeal has a range of quality  Magnetic Insect Screens to help you control household pests in an environmentally friendly way. No more Ozone depleting sprays. “Keep pests out, let the fresh air in.” Our Magnetic screens are easy to use; asthetic to look at and keep out those insects.

MagicSeal offers a retractable Pleated Insect Screen Door which are available in all powder coat colours. These doors can fit any door up to 4m wide and 2.4m high. We offer a solution for most door types, such as : French doors, hinged, sliding, bi-fold, and stack-a-doors. These pleated doors also can be made to fit windows.

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