Country Distributorship’s Available

MagicSeal Master Distributors

We are currently seeking MagicSeal Master Distributors for all available World countries. Excellent business opportunities exist for our product range. We have pricing plans for countries or state territories and will provide a full turn-key package. Turn-key packages include the licensing rights to a particular country, specialised manufacturing machinery, start up stock for all products, marketing kits for your agents and intellectual property protection.

If you have a genuine interest in our products then our Managing Director will provide you with sufficient pricing and licensing information.

The MagicSeal brand and its products demand, a large, well-defined target customer base and a highly innovative product range that is well designed using only the best materials. This is a compelling business opportunity for a motivated, growth- orientated company or individual to explore.

Small Territory Dealership’s Available

MagicSeal Dealership’s

A MagicSeal Dealership’s has proven to be an ideal opportunity for many entrepreneurial companies and individuals. If you have an existing business offering complementary goods and services and are looking for new products to offer your customers, MagicSeal products may be the right choice for you. Please enquire now by filling in the enquiry form on this web site.

If you are a motivated individual with an interest in building a business around innovative and high demand products like the MagicSeal range, the state distributor in your area would love to hear from you. Generally, related business or building traded experience is preferred.

Please go to the “Contact Us” button then to “MagicSeal NZ Ltd” and fill in the required information together with a short message of your requirements, thank you.