Condensation Control and UV Protection with MagicSeal Secondary
Double Glazing Solutions

Sick and tired of those morning mop-ups?

Window condensation occurs when warm air  ‘holds’ more moisture, as water vapour, than cold air. As the air cools and falls toward the floor  at a constant barometric pressure water vapour will condense into water droplets, forming on cold surfaces such as glass. This is often referred to as condensation.

Condensation creates a wet, unhealthy environment that can encourage the growth of mould and mildew causing deterioration and rotting. These sorts of conditions are not only unsightly but can be detrimental to the health of the occupants living within that environment, especially if this occurs day after day.

MagicSeal Secondary Double Glazing dramatically reduces the amount of condensation occurring and that’s a big  labour saving rather than to be  mopping it up every morning.

With the addition of  ” State of the Art”  UV stabilizers MagicSeal’s acrylic is like sun block for the windows.  Furniture, carpets, drapes and artwork – all these very expensive and treasured homely possessions can be severely damaged by fading through your windows.

But what exactly causes fading?

The majority of fading damage is caused by only a small part of the sun’s energy – the portion called ultraviolet radiation. Although ultraviolet comprises of only 2% of the sun’s energy, it accounts for approximately 60% of the fading damage to  fabrics and furnishings.

An ordinary clear glass window only blocks about 30% of the sun’s UV radiation. MagicSeal Retrofit Secondary Double Glazing is an optical acrylic with added UV inhibitors. Our acrylic as been lab tested to block up to 86% of UV light transmissions while still allowing the natural light inside.

Tested and Proven Results

MagicSeal’s Retrofit Secondary Double Glazing window system has been independently tested under the Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) in line with National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) regulations