Energy Efficient Homes with MagicSeal

MagicSeal Retrofit Secondary Double Glazing products to make your home more energy efficient

Energy efficient homes rely on a fully insulated house, up to 48% of heat lost can be through the windows. This is due to two processes occurring: conduction and convection.

Conduction and Convention

Warm air created from a heat source rises to the ceiling where it cools and is displaced by even more rising warm air. As this displaced air cools, it travels down the walls to the floor. Whenever this falling air comes in contact with cold exterior glass it will be further cooled. This faster falling air creates ‘cold spots’ and convectional drafts that can often be felt coming from a window.

Energy Efficient Home Solutions

MagicSeal Retrofit Secondary Double Glazing thermal insulation significantly reduces convective and conductive heat loss by up to 54%, because of the trapped insulating layer of still air between the glass and the MagicSeal panel. In other words the ‘still air’ trapped between the two surfaces acts as an insulator.

The MagicSeal panel

The MagicSeal panel works just as effectively and energy efficiently in a cooling climate as it does in a heating climate. It can prevent the heat from coming in on a scorching hot summer’s day making your home more comfortable and reducing air conditioning costs. Alternatively, in winter it will still let as much of the sun’s energy through the windows but traps and stops the warm air from escaping on cold evenings.

Depending on the climate zone and surrounding geographical environment in which you live, energy savings achieved by MagicSeal Retrofit Secondary Double Glazing will vary

So not only will MagicSeal reduce the energy bill within your home, but another important factor to consider here is the extra comfort and wellbeing double glazing will bring to your living environment. It has a positive effect on the occupants’ general health and what price tag can you put on this?

Dr Nick Smith’s November 2009 paper on “Cost Benefit Analysis of Secondary Glazing as a Retrofit Alternative for NZ Homes” gave MagicSeal an 150% improvement over a standard single glazed window. “Very impressive”

He also found and stated in his paper that from 10%  to 12% of energy saving could result in insulating your windows.

This means that MagicSeal pays for itself over time.

(Courteous Dr Nick Smith 2009)

Enjoy a more energy efficient home with MagicSeal retrofit secondary double glazing specialists.