Energy Savings with Thermal Insulation

In a fully insulated house up to 48% of the heat loss can pass through the windows. This is due to two processes occurring, conduction and convection. Conduction is direct heat flow transferred through a solid medium and convection is a transport of heat within a gas or liquid, caused by the actual flow of material itself (mass motion).
Warm air created from a heat source rises to the ceiling where it cools and is displaced by more rising warm air. As the displaced air cools, it travels down the walls to the floor.

Whenever this falling air comes in contact with cold exterior glass it will be further cooled. This faster falling air creates “cold spots” and convectional drafts that can often be felt coming from a window.

MagicSeal thermal insulation

MagicSeal thermal insulation significantly reduces convective and conductive heat loss by up to 54% because of the trapped insulating layer of still air between the glass and the MagicSeal panel. In other words the “still air” trapped between the two surfaces acts as an insulator. In the summer MagicSeal Retrofit Secondary Double Glazing reducesconductive heat gain radiating from the sun in exactly the same way – but reversed.

So your living environment will be a lot more energy efficient whether you are cooling or heating your home and MagicSeal Retrofit Secondary Double Glazing virtually pays for itself as you start to save on power bills the moment it’s installed. Depending on the climate zone and surrounding geographical environment in which you live, energy savings achieved by MagicSeal Retrofit Secondary Double Glazing can vary.

Comfortable in summer, warm and cosy in winter.

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Tested and Proven Results

The MagicSeal Retrofit Secondary Double Glazing window system has been independently tested under the Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) in line with National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) regulations.